Eau De Parfum Sampler Set 3 X 2ML

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3 x 2ML /0.07 fl. oz

3.68Eau De Parfum Sampler Set 3 X 2ML

A set of 3 different fragrance minis, perfect for trialling and travelling.
Try all three of these gorgeous new perfumes, blended by master nose Frank Voelkl who had free-reign to create the most beautiful fragrances imaginable. One is Brazilian Lime, Fig Leaves and Tea, one is Petals, Heliotrope & Ambrette, and one is Red Apple, White Peony & Cashmere Wood.  

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Great way to try these scents
Lovely packaging, just the right size to try the perfumes.. Thank you!
  • 65-74
High quality perfume - fragrances not for me
I prefer more unisex scents so found all of the fragrances a little too sweet or floral for my taste (the Brazilian Lime was closest to me preference). However, they are high quality perfumes with good longevity through the day. I would love to see BP extend the range with some more unisex perfumes!
  • 25-34
Start with the sample set
I was very excited to try the fragrances and am happy that I started with this set. Before trying them, I thought I'd love the Red Apple and be ambivalent about the Brazilian Lime. To my surprise, I liked the Lime/Fig a lot and found the Red Apple didn't work for me. I recommend trying the set first as you never know what will work with your own skin.
  • 45-54
Sweet, Tangy...
I haven’t left any reviews on BP despite being a member now for probably over a year. I get mostly all my skincare and makeup from BP - I like the simplicity, I trust the brand and concept. For me the cost is reasonable for the makeup - I think overall the highest luxury brands have the edge, especially regarding packaging (for which BP packaging is very flimsy and does not last the lifespan of the products - and I never take makeup out with me so its surprising how many compacts in particular break). The skincare is probably most worth the money from the range in my opinion, although the formulations are sometimes quite bad for sensitive skin.

I say this preamble to give context to my review. I have been looking for a luxury niche fragrance and I ordered the sample set from BP expecting great things. Perhaps I am unfairly comparing the perfumes to very niche very luxury brands however I am surprised at their stellar reviews, because for me they are very far from having cult fragrance appeal.

Personal preferences aside, things to be aware of before you buy from at least my experience of the samples:
They are all very sweet. I am surprised at how sweet each perfume is because in my world at least all my friends and I are looking for much more unisex, less sweet fragrances. Secondly, they are all very “twangy” - quite sharp and acidic smelling - which again to me at least is completely contrary to what I would expect from contemporary fragrances which have achieved cult status - I can't write the name of another product or brand here because apparently BP won't publish reviews which contain them.

The overall impression I get of the fragrances is that they are perhaps aimed at a more mature market - I know that I am on the younger end of the spectrum of beauty pie’s customers judging at least from the ages of the reviewers on the site. The perfumes are clearly complex. However they don’t smell “modern” to me and I do not think they would appeal much to younger women, at least younger women who are quite “fashion forward” for want of a better expression.

Perhaps a next set of perfumes will be aimed at a different market - these perfumes in my opinion are like more more complex versions of mid-range Boots fragrances - I can't write the name of another product or brand here because apparently BP won't publish reviews which contain them - rather than anything more unique or “stop you in the street what are you wearing”.
  • 25-34
Hi Sarah, thank you for taking the time to leave feedback on our new fragrance sample set. We're very sorry to hear your opinion of this. As a young and 'fashion forward' team, we've been incredibly excited for their launch and being able to purchase EDP by a world-famous Nose at such prices. We are aware that everyone's fragrance tastes are different and will be extending our range in the future.
Beauty Pie Team
Another 2 out of 3
Really like these. I’m not easy to please with fragrance as somehow my skin makes most of them smell terrible. But these are lovely a fresh. Ian’s a great way to try them without risking a whole bottle. I’ll definitely buy the full size though for at least one of them, if not two.
  • 35-44
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