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Awesome Bronze™ Super Formula No-streak Self Tanning Mousse

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240 ML / 8.1 fl. oz

4.445Awesome Bronze™ Super Formula No-streak Self Tanning Mousse

Look like you’ve spent a week in St Tropez – but without the yacht, the diamonds, the associated UV-ray aging.
We worked on our new amazing formula Awesome Bronze™ mousse with the UK’s best self-tanner lab – a team of chemists who’ve turned getting gorgeous, healthy sun-kissed skin into a 3-minute art form. This - their latest creation - doesn’t give you that self-tanner smell, is long-lasting, boosted with a dual-action DHA and hydrating hyaluronic acid. It’s like a sunny holiday, in a bottle.

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Love this product!
I am very fair (pale and freckles) and have tried SO many fake tan products. This one is FABULOUS! It is easy to apply, and it gives a lovely even colour that wears nicely. It has a mild fake tan smell but I have yet to find a product that does not. The only reason it does not get five stars is because I would like it to come in a darker shade - when you are as pale as I am you need a real hit of colour to look like you have a tan!
  • 45-54
Good colour, no smell
Love this, easy to apply with a tanning glove and gives a nice even finish. I have fair skin and the colour is lovely. No nasty smell
  • 45-54
Brilliant bronze
I've been using this fake tan over the past couple of weeks and so far am really impressed with it. I usually find fake tans are either too pale for me, have terrible transfer and fade patchily but this has easily been the best tan I've used when it comes to any of those. The mousse has a colour guide so is really easy to apply - I use a mitt and really rub it in. It is a pleasant coconut scent and doesn't seem to have that overpowering fake tan smell that a lot of other products have. It is quite sticky after application so I do you think need to leave a while before getting dressed. There is some transfer onto sheets, towels etc but still better than a lot of other tans. It is definitely the most streak-free tan I've used and this is what I am most impressed with - no obvious tell-tale marks on knees, wrists or ankles. It also seems to fade evenly. It probably needs topping up once or twice a week to maintain an even golden tan. The colour isn't really dark but I do wonder if you could build it up over a few days if you wanted it a bit darker. Will definitely repurchase (although bottle is large so should last a good while).
  • 45-54
Actually idiot proof
Disclaimer: I am awful at tanning. The horrors of my orange, patchy legs when I tried tanning as a teen put me off for years and the spray tans where I went a slightly more muted, but no less glowing shade of tangerine resigned me to having skin so pale it reflected sunlight. Last year I then thought I would try a luxury brand of tanning drops after reading reviews that said the colour was great. It was but also very pricey and, as they mix in with moisturiser, still pretty easy to get wrong. So when Awesome Bronze launched a few months ago I thought the price was too good not to try out - thank god I did! Amazing colour which makes me look as though I have a nice healthy glow, rather than looking like a cheese puff. Easy to apply as it is a slightly tinted mousse so you can see where you've been and, however sloppily I apply it, never seems to be streaky or patchy. You don't smell like a biscuit, it is super moisturising and fades slowly and evenly. A dream product which has saved me from my year-round ghostly pallor. Please don't ever stop making this!
  • 35-44
Best Fake Tan!
No streaks, easy to apply, lovely golden tan. What’s not to like? Another fab product from Beauty Pie!
  • 55-64
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