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Radical Lash Super Volumizing Mascara

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13 ml / 0.44 f l. oz.

3.641Radical Lash Super Volumizing Mascara

Transform your underleveraged lashes into the stuff of movie stars.
Ultimate volume, unparalleled panorama, diehard drama, a single coat gives the thickest, fattest lashes of your life – nothing less. And - unless you make like Ginger Rogers and are dancing in the rain - it won’t flake, clump or smudge.

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Shade Pitch Black

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Excellent mascara
Does exactly what it promises: improves volume, coats lashes without clumping, nice big brush and solid case. Would certainly buy again.
  • 45-54
If I’d have known how clumpy this mascara was, I definitely would not have bought it! My advice to you- Don’t!
  • 17 and under
Hi Lexie, thank you for your feedback and apologies that you have not got on well with our Radical Lash Super Volumizing Mascara. We tend to find that everyone has a different preference in terms of mascara which is why we offer four different formulas with different brush styles and sizes. We are very proud of the quality of our mascaras and hope you will try another to find one that works for you. If you�d like help in finding �the one�, please don�t hesitate to get in touch with our Customer Service team to give them details of the type of lashes you have.
Beauty Pie Team
great mascara
this mascara is great last nicely and doesn't flake or cause sensitive eyes
the brush is humungous and really builds up and separates the lashes
and is importantly buildable !
  • 35-44
Good for smudging
Quite a dry consistency. Ended up with dark circles of it under my eye when I wore it, even when only on my top lashes.
  • 35-44
Hi Victoria, thank you for sharing your review of our Radical Lash mascara. Sorry to hear that you have found it smudges when you are wearing it. We appreciate that not everyone is suited to every mascara which is why we offer a range. Do get in touch if you'd like a hand in finding your perfect PIE mascara match.
Beauty Pie Team
The brush is huge and the formula is 'dry'. I can get a good lash but I have to be careful it doesn't get on my skin as the brush is so hard to manage. I don't look forward to using it so won't repurchase.
  • 45-54
Hi Charlotte, we are sorry to hear you are finding this brush too large to use. This brush is our largest to help you create big voluminous lashes quickly, however if you want to try a smaller brush that still gives you lots of volume we would suggest you try our Uber Volume Boost Mascara. It sounds like this mascara may have dried out so please ensure you always keep the bottle tightly fastened and do not pump the mascara wand. Let us know how you get on!
Beauty Pie Team
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