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Precision Eyeliner Marker

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3.623Precision Eyeliner Marker

Wobble-proof, mistake-proof, smudge-proof, our Precision Eyeliner Marker is the LINER OF YOUR DREAMS.
The super-fine tip hugs your lash line and glides across your lids, depositing a flawless, pigment-rich, stay-all-day, make-fine-lashes-look-deluxe streak of colour. Go on girls, line up.

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Shade Black Cat

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Oh dear
Not so good in my opinion. I have a high end version of this which is brilliant: a firm but flexible nib which applies a rich dark line immediately. The BP marker lacks flexibility and is too dry (VERY dry), so I have to keep going over and over my line to make it show. Not easy to use at all. IMO this particular product needs improving. And if a ‘new improved’ Version came along I’d certainly buy it. But otherwise, this one isn’t for me, sorry.
  • 45-54
Best Eyeliner Ever
This eyeliner glides really easily with a super thin line that stays for the whole day. I found it easy to do a sleek cat eye look and the eyeliner itself is comfortable to hold!
  • 18-24
It's OK
I found this eyeliner to dry out fairly quickly in comparison to others I own causing me to shake it and have it explode ink all over my fresh face of make up and clean bedsheets :(
I also found, when it was working, the nib to be a little bit too thick for my liking.
  • 18-24
Can't do liquid liner... you can with this!
The main thing clients tell me is that they can't do liquid liner! Since introducing this liner pen to them, they no longer say that scentence! Liquid liner is all about control and with this pen you have full control! The fine applicator means you don't have to worry about accidentally creating that Amy Winehouse line! It glides perfectly along your lashline to accentuate your lashes! Not only that it stays all day without smudging over your lid! A fool proof and stay proof liner! 10/10!
  • 25-34
AJ Edgar MUA
Impressed!!!! Definitely! I keep this nib down in my make up bag so the ink always flows to the nib. It glides effortlessly over eyeshadow with no drag giving a gorgeous feline flick. I buy it every month. Buy it now. It’s the best for the “ I’m in a rush” kind of morning. Quick, polished, effortless.
  • 45-54
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