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The Ten Best Trend Eyeshadow Shades

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4.012The Ten Best Trend Eyeshadow Shades

With an eyeshadow palette this perfect, with gorgeous mattes and metallics, sexy eyes are as easy as pie.
Our makeup artists mixed their top trend eyeshadow shades with a few marvellous metallics and mattes into one unbeatable edit, so you can shade, shape, sweep and smudge your way to sexy eyes! These shadows also double as liners, so use them as you like!

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Looks Different in Person
I’m a huge Beauty Pie fan and am ordering and even stockpiling items like crazy. But I hesitated trying the eyeshadows, including this kit. Why? They looked very muddy and almost dried out or dusty. But I tried one set and just ordered them all, including this one. They look completely different when I opened them up. The colors are beautiful and look very wearable in person. Far from my fears the formulas are soft, highly pigmented and can be layered. I think it might just be bad photography but don’t let it keep you from trying.
  • 55-64
Jewel eyeshadows
Beautiful useable colours and great quality
  • 50+
Beautiful colors
This is the second eye shadow palette I have purchased. The colors are beautiful and easy to use and not too glittery.
  • 15-20
Great clours. very fine powder
These are quality eyeshadows. I think I have bought the whole palette when I will only really be using two or three shades. However, the colours are gorgeous. If you want to attain the shade as they look in the palette though, you have to build up with layer upon layer. It best to use primer or concealer to hold the colour on if you need it all day.
  • 50+
Really disappointed.
Firstly, I live Beauty Pie and all of their other products. I just echo other comments on here, that the pigment is so poor. I love the selection of colours but they just do. not. last. They go on weak and end up just a smudge on my eyelids after a very short time. I've used no eyelid primer, foundation, eyelid primer, fingers to apply, brushes to apply. Same result. Please, Beauty Pie, produce one with a stronger pigment! I want my entire makeup bag to be Beauty Pie products!
  • 30-35
Hi Holly, Thank you so much for taking the time to review this product, we�re so glad to hear your enthusiasm for the brand! We�re sorry to hear you haven�t been getting on with the TEN BEST JEWEL EYESHADOW SHADES. We formulated the matte shades to be build-able in coverage for ease of use! May we suggest using one of our WONDERCOLOUR CREAM EYESHADOW STICKS for a base that won�t budge! We also recommend with the shimmer shades, spritzing your brush with a facial spray before dipping in to the shadow, this should intensify the pigment pay off when applied to your eye. Finally, we would recommend using a flat brush to help really pack on those jewel toned colours.
Beauty Pie Team
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