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As it turns out, luxury cosmetics don't cost that much to make...

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So. If one were to accurately capture the velocity with which you whipped the ‘plastic’ out of your wallet when you heard about the idea of a BUYERS CLUB FOR BEAUTY ADDICTS, would an appropriate comparison be ‘like Roger Federer’s crazy-fast Wimbledon serve?’ or like ‘the land-speed equivalent of a freakishly aerodynamic cheetah’?

Or maybe you’re more of a sceptic. (Still information gathering, maybe?)
Maybe you rolled your sleeves up over your elbows, got your glasses on, Googled BEAUTY PIE and starting poking for holes. Go ahead - there aren’t any. Because if you’re obsessed with cosmetics, BEAUTY PIE is the place to be.

Back up a second. Clear your mind. Let’s do a little visualizing.

Picture a handsome Frenchman. Impeccable suit. Speaks six languages. Owns his own cosmetics factory. Got it? Can you see him?

Now imagine you’re his sister.

Exactly. It’s about access.

Having a membership to BEAUTY PIE is like having a backstage access pass to the world’s best cosmetics, skincare and fragrance labs.

You can see the transparent factory cost breakdown of every item we offer, and then buy your favourites for the same.

You can find out what a luxury product - coming straight off the line, in simple classic packaging - actually costs (the product, packaging, shipping, storage).
It’s nuts and bolts kind of stuff, and brilliant for the real beauty nerds.

Of course, places are limited to ensure every BEAUTY PIE member has a lot of product to shop from, so if we happen to be inundated with demand, getting yourself off the waiting list may be an exercise in the zen mastery of patience. (After all, we did come out to the world in spectacular style by way of a full page in British Vogue.)

The catch? There isn’t one. Unless you call a minimum three-month membership a catch. Might we suggest if you can, you jump in for the more advantageous V.I.PIE ANNUAL?

At BEAUTY PIE, it’s our mission to source gorgeous luxury lipsticks, flawless foundations, high-end highlighters, beautiful bronzers (and high tech skincare and beauty tools) and to bring them to our members at totally transparent factory prices.
No mumbo jumbo. No middlemen. No retailer markups. Isn’t it marvellous?

What are you waiting for?

Join now

At BEAUTY PIE, our mission is to make you feel like a kid in a cosmetics candy store.
To bring you the fairy tale. To deliver the absolute best in beauty nonstop, at prices so amazing, even a splurge is a steal.
Because there should be no guilt in getting gorgeous.