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The power of a great set of brows should never be underestimated.

Not only do our eyebrows play a powerful role in communication, our ancestors first learnt to interact using eyebrow movement, but there’s a certain kind of confidence that comes with having your best brow shape (just ask anyone who’s over-plucked or had a botched brow job).

The pursuit of big, natural brows has skyrocketed in recent years, Pinterest searches for 'defiant brows' are up 160%, while professional treatments like eyebrow tinting, threading, microblading and brow lamination are on the rise. At-home brow products are bringing their best brow game too, with brow growth serums, eyebrow gels (in suits-you-shades), eyebrow mascaras, pomades and eyebrow pencils now makeup bag staples for many of us. 

Celebrity makeup artist Caroline Barnes calls eyebrows our facial “coat hangers”, thanks to their unparalleled ability to better frame our faces. Done right, and the best eyebrow makeup can enhance our features, creating an instant eye ‘lift’ and giving us thicker, fuller eyebrows in minutes. 

So how do you find the perfect brow for your face shape, and as a result, the best eyebrow product for your daily makeup routine?

How to get your best ever brows - an expert guide.

1. Map your brows

Identify and enhance your natural brow shape:

How to find your natural eyebrow shape
Choose the best eyebrow shape for your face
  • Round-Shaped Face: High arched brows (think: Gigi Hadid, Mindy Kaling, Mila Kunis)

  • Oval-Shaped Face: Softly-angled ‘arc’ brows (think: Beyonce, Rachel Weisz, Jessica Alba)

  • Heart-Shaped Face: Softly rounded ‘straight’ brows (think: Naomi Campbell, J.Lo, Zoe Kravitz)

Expert Tip

Leave the hair to grow for six to eight weeks, so you can see your natural shape. Can’t wait? Arch-Ology™ 2-in-1 Clear Brow Gel & Peptide Serum encourages hair growth!

Create shape with a brow pencil or pomade: 
Beauty Pie how to map eyebrows
  • Look straight ahead into a mirror. Hold a makeup brush vertically against the corner of your nose. This is where your brow should start, so mark the spot with a brow pencil.

  • Define your eyebrow arch for an instant eye lift. To find your arch, go from the corner of the nose through the centre of the eye. Again add a dot. 

  • For the tail of the brow, hold the brush from the corner of the nose to the end of the eye. Ending your brow here gives an eye-opening effect.

Choose your colour
Beauty Pie how to choose your shade of eyebrow makeup

Want to know how to find the right colour eyebrow product for you? Colour should look one shade darker than your hair colour. Too heavy, and brows can make eyes look tired. Too fair, and brows lose definition, particularly on video calls and in photographs. If you have black hair, opt for dark pigment-rich or colourless formulations.

Expert Tip

Go 1 or 2 shades darker for wedding photos or Zoom calls. Eyebrow tails are the first thing to get ‘lost’ on camera.

2. Pick your best eyebrow product

Beauty Pie best brow makeup

TO SHADE & SHAPESuperbrow™ Luxe Precision Pencil has a micro-fine tip to create hair, identical strokes of colour, a must for anyone wanting to get the microbladed brow look for less.

TO SHADE, SHAPE & BLEND – with an angled nib and blending wand Superbrow™ Angled Shaping Pencil is 100% fool-proof, delivering perfectly defined, natural-looking brows, effortlessly. 

TO SHADE & BUILD – used to strengthen sparse, thin eyebrows – or layered for a bolder brow – Superbrow™ Colour Pomade is brilliantly buildable, pigment-rich and long-lasting. 

TO SHADE, BUILD & HOLD – Part powder brow, part brow mascara, think of Arch-Ology™ 2-in-1 Clear Brow Gel & Peptide Serum as DIY ‘brow lamination’ whether used solo, or coupled with its perfect match pencil

TO BUILD, HOLD & BOOST – for anyone who has naturally dark, well-defined brows (or just wants to go pencil/pomade free) Arch-Ology™ 2-in-1 Clear Brow Gel & Peptide Serum sets brows, without any stiffness. Plus, it contains a functional dose peptide that targets regrowth, stimulating hair bulbs (responsible for brow growth) while nourishing brows. 

3. How to apply eyebrow makeup

The ‘one of those days’ brow routine – 1 minute. 

Best for beginners: Shade, build and fix brows with Arch-Ology™ Tinted Eyebrow Sculpting Gel.

The ‘everyday’ brow routine - 2 minutes.

Shade and shape with Superbrow™ Angled Shaping Pencil or Superbrow™ Luxe Precision Pencil.

+Arch-Ology™ Tinted Eyebrow Sculpting Gel or Arch-Ology™ 2-in-1 Clear Brow Gel & Peptide Serum to fix brows.

The ‘big day’ brow routine - 3 minutes.

Best for dramatic makeup looks: Apply fine strokes of Superbrow™ Luxe Precision Pencil (or apply Superbrow™ Colour Pomade with an angled brush) for the most natural finish. Blend the product with a spoolie-brush. Wipe away any marks from the brow mapping, then wiggle Arch-Ology™ Tinted Eyebrow Sculpting Gel or Arch-Ology™ 2-in-1 Clear Brow Gel & Peptide Serum through the hairs to boost thickness and hold them in place.


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