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Lumiboost Spot Brightening Serum

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50ml / 1.69 fl. oz

4.525Lumiboost Spot Brightening Serum

Totally dialled up to tackle dark spots and blotch.
At Beauty Pie HQ, all the girls are obsessed with this. Use it as a hydrating lotion under sunscreen, or as a skin-tone evening super serum, twice a day, under your moisturizer. It helps lift, refine, brighten, increase radiance, fight age spots and keeps skin smooth and dewy.

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I've repurchased its that good
I have many pigmentation marks and after using the entire bottle , they are much less noticable. I combined with this the excellent Vitamin C capsules and they have a marked brightening effect on my skin. Really love this serum, you really do see a difference with regular use
  • 45-54
This serum is amazing! Truly for years I have had a noticeable broken view under my eye. I used to have it treated but it was expensive and only lasted a couple of weeks. This remarkable serum has made it disappear! It has evened out my skin tone, although a rather large age spot has not disappeared but is definitely less noticeable. Be warned though, the serum is very liquid and the first pump shot out, it did tingle at the first few applications but not any longer. Tingling is good right! I don't however, find it very moisturising and not awfully sure if layering is making it less effective. I like all the Retinols too and get a whiff of caffeine if I apply the Retinol serum over the top. Any advice Beauty Pie?
  • 55-64
Hi Wendy, thanks for sharing your feedback. We're thrilled to hear how effective you've found this product to be for you. We'd certainly recommend layering with hydrating products such as any of our moisturizers or the Retinol range.
Beauty Pie Team
Does what it says ....
Great serum. Is working on a couple of dark spots that surfaced on my face in the last couple of years. Nice texture. Absorbs quickly. Light fresh fragrance. I’d highly recommend.
  • 45-54
Have seen a slight decrease in acne scarring since using (only had it for a couple of weeks) would recommend!
  • 25-34
Remarkablre brightening effect. It left my skin glowing
At the end of the bottle and i am repurchasing this fantastic brightening treatment. I have some long standing pigmentation issues, hormonal, sun damage, medication side effect and so on. I have good skin but this bothers me. This serum, alongside the vitamin c capsules has transformed my skin. Nothing will get rid of pigmentation, nothing topical can do that. This does blur the pigmentation and give the most amazing glow to the skin. The sort that has everyone asking if you have been on holiday. I am a skincare junkie of some 30+ years and this is the best serum I have ever used.
  • 45-54
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