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Oily/Acne/Problem Skin Starter Set

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1 X 125ML / 4.2 FL.OZ. 2 X 50ML / 1.69 FL. OZ. 1 X 75ML / 2.5 FL.OZ.

4.84Oily/Acne/Problem Skin Starter Set

Battling breakouts? Large pores? Always oily?
You can’t stop it, but you can control it, and use it to your advantage. Absorb excess oils with a gentle clay cleanser, smooth clogging cells away daily, add a deep-down pore purifying purge twice-a-week, and soothe and smooth with an anti-redness, supercalming, not-at-all greasy moisture cream.

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Within the first week my occasional acne cleared and blemishes disappearing too! My skin is looking the best in many years. Daily 3 simple steps with the occasional mask has made my skin care regime so much simpler - great products and ingredients, highly recommend trying this set.
  • 35-44
Hello blemish free skin
This is my first order from Beauty Pie and it will not be my last! The clay face wash is amazing it really cleans my skin without it feeling dry, the plantastic drops are incredible, they are super light and prevent breakouts and the moisturiser is so rich, a little really does go a long way, it leaves my skin feeling super moisturised and looking radiant. The fruitizyme mask is an absolute godsend, I use it twice a week to give my skin a really good deep clean. I have suffered from breakouts all my adult life and this is the first system which has finally stopped the constant breakouts and given my skin time to heel. The plantastic drops are also healing all the hyperpigmentation from previous breakouts. I love these products so much, I cannot wait to try more from the Beauty Pie range.
  • 25-34
Great skin clearing product
I am not prone to breakouts but recently had one that would not shift for months and this was using very high end creams that had no effect.
I’ve used this regime for 2 weeks now and it’s totally cleared up!
I love the clay cleanser the most, it feels lovely and very easy to use.
The only thing I will now bring into it is a more skin brightening cream or serum as I do feel my complexion isn’t as bright and glowy which is understandable given the nature of having to clear it up:)
  • 25-34
Teenage skin transformation!
My 17 year old son has breakout prone oily skin. He uses the cleanser at night, plantastic drops twice a day followed by the moisturiser. He uses the mask once a week. The difference these products have made is amazing making such a difference to his confidence. He no longer gets blackheads around his nose or chin, minimal spots and his complexion looks clear and glowing. I would really recommend these products as prior to the pie we tried a lot with no improvement! If you want to go with one product to try out first I would try the plantastic drops, these are a game changer.
  • 45-54