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Japanfusion™ Supreme Cream
(Step M3)

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50ml / 1.69 fl. oz

4.698Japanfusion™ Supreme Cream
(Step 3)

Is it normal to fall in love with a face cream?
According to J-Beauty, the secret to luminous skin is moisture maxing. Because not only does a multi-layer hydrating approach ensure a surreally dewy and plump complexion, water-saturated skin reflects more light and always looks lifted. Imported from Japan, and STEP 3 of our Japanfusion™ 3-step Super-Skin moisture system - with a high-tech micro-molecular re-energizing Pombe Yeast extract, brightening Jabara extract and polyphenols & antioxidants from grape skin to protect, this supercharged Asian beauty cream is one deep moisture system that delivers.

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This is one of the first products I've ordered, dipping my toe into the Beauty Pie... (if that's not too weird an image) and I really love it - the packaging, the jelly-cream texture (it reminds me a bit of another top end moisturising product with a gel texture but this is much nicer) and the results. I had a tremendous glow after using it that seemed to last ages. It's definitely made me want to try the other products in the range next month.
  • 45-54
Does what it says.
This is the second tub I've bought and I really do like it very much. My skin is looking good, well moisturised and clear. It's not a miracle cure but over time Ive been pleased with the results. A good product at a good price.
  • 65-74
An antidote to the desert!
I have just finished my second jar and have just returned from Phoenix, which included a drive across the desert from LA and back. At no point did my 60 year old skin feel dry, using this cream and the Jeju serum morning and night. I am about to start my third jar! I took a jar for my friend who lives in Phoenix, I am awaiting her results! 😃
  • 55-64
Absolutely love it
I absolutely love this amazing cream. I have naturally dry skin and this cream just does the trick. Amazing moisturizer!!!
  • 45-54
Contributed to breakout, not moisturising enough on it's own
Contributed to breakout and I found it not moisturizing enough on it's own. I just wanted something with more umph, as promised. Also too much scent and it's very flowery.
  • 35-44
Hi Enrika, thank you for taking the time to leave a review. Sorry to hear that the Japanfusion Supreme Cream was not suitable for your skin. We'd love to recommend you something that would suit you better, please do get in touch if you'd like some assistance.
Beauty Pie Team
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