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Awesome Bronze™ Super Formula No-streak Self Tanning Mousse

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240 ML / 8.1 fl. oz

4.822Awesome Bronze™ Super Formula No-streak Self Tanning Mousse

Look like you’ve spent a week in St Tropez – but without the yacht, the diamonds, the associated UV-ray aging.
We worked on our new amazing formula Awesome Bronze™ mousse with the UK’s best self-tanner lab – a team of chemists who’ve turned getting gorgeous, healthy sun-kissed skin into a 3-minute art form. This - their latest creation - doesn’t give you that self-tanner smell, is long-lasting, boosted with a dual-action DHA and hydrating hyaluronic acid. It’s like a sunny holiday, in a bottle.

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Not a streak in sight
This is such a delightful product. It doesn't streak or smell and the colour is a very good match with my own.
  • 50+
Excellent colour
I’m very pale but it gave a lovely instant colourwhich made it easy to apply.There was some transfer onto my clothes but this washed off.
  • 50+
Like no other fake tan I’ve seen
Never before have I used a fake tan that looks so natural - there is no hint of tango, and the smell is coconutty and divine. Hooked.
  • 40-45
It’s a miracle !
Over the years I’ve had more fake tan disasters than I care to remember so I was a bit sceptical about this one .... but everything that everyone says is true - goes on smoothly, nice guide colour (not dirty muddy looking), smells lovely. I put it on in the morning and had a shower before bed - not so much as a shadow on white sheets ! and an even, biscuity colour in the morning.
it lasts a good 4-5 days (despite two hour long swimming sessions).
it’s paler than most self tans I’ve tried but I imagine that a top up coat would do the trick.
Now all we need is a beauty pie mitt and body scrub to go with it ! oh, and maybe a face formula version ?!!!
  • 35-40
Gorgeous bronze, amazing smell!
This self-tan is, as it says on the tin, awesome! It has a gorgeous coconut-y fragrance and a good colour so you can see where you've applied it. It absorbs and dries really quickly and leaves minimal residue on clothes/ bedding. It leaves my upper body with a gorgeous, natural looking colour, but tends to fade a bit more quickly on my legs.
  • 30-35
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