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Hyaluronic Acid Microneedle Patch

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10 sachets x 20mg

3.326Hyaluronic Acid Microneedle Patch

These genius Korean high-tech skincare miracle microneedle patches are like a do-it-yourself trip to a Hollywood Dermatologist.
With active-infused dissolving microneedles that deep-deliver visible wrinkle-fading Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, super-hydrating Hyaluronic Acids and calming Asian Madecassoside (a triterpine), it’s another cutting-edge K-Beauty technology made to give you amazing skin.

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Plumped and smoothed
I was impressed with these patches - used them under my eyes. They went on easily and when I removed I definitely felt my under eye area was smoother and plumper. Only drawback is they need to be on for 2 hours - so not a quick fix
  • 55-64
really disappointed
The adhesive on these is way too powerful. I applied moisturiser the first time then oil the next. They still pulled the skin around my eyes and were uncomfortable to remove, despite holding the skin taut. The area the patch covered was plumped up but weirdly so, like a little blister. Instead of looking better I look so much worse! This is the first time I haven't been thrilled with my purchase from BP.
I've used them twice, I don't want to use the rest and can't pass on with confidence as they made me look so odd. They are also the most expensive item I've purchased in the past 12 months of my membership.
  • 45-54
Hi Louise, thank you for sharing your feedback. Sorry to hear that you have found that the Microneedle Patches were too sticky. We have noticed this to be the case with a few of the patches (but not all), and took the product off our website to investigate this quality issue. Please email customer.service@beautypie.com a photo to claim a full refund on this product.
Beauty Pie Team
Excellent product
Many thanks for this miniature marvel! I have used it on my nasiolabial area and immediately, without any hyperbole, I have seen the difference. The lines were much softer , not so pronounced. A wonderful product indeed. Beauty Pie- genius!
  • 45-54
Really Great
Really good product initially used twice weekly as instructed now onto once a week really nice product 5 star
  • 35-44
amazing product
smooths and tightens all in one go.
  • 75+
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