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Advanced Serum-Infusion Biocellulose Anti-Aging Sheet Mask

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22ml / 0.7 fl. oz

4.656Advanced Serum-Infusion Biocellulose Anti-Aging Sheet Mask

Like a fast-acting ‘cheat-sheet’ for luminous, smooth, lifted skin.
Throw one on for 15-minutes when your skin needs a lift, a smooth, or a rush of moisture. (After-flight, pre-party, post-slopes, or on any very important morning, before your makeup.) With visible wrinkle-smoothing seaweed polysaccharides, skin-smoothing wheat proteins and a second-skin like invisible biocellulose base for instant, intensive active dose delivery. It’s high-tech. French. And totally fabulous. In a set of 5.

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Best sheet mask to date
Got these as part of my very first Pie order having never tried sheet masks. They are the best by a country mile of all the ones I’ve tried to date. My skin has not felt this soft and plump in years after using them!
  • 45-54
Not impressed (sorry!)
Contrary to my fellow reviewers, I was not impressed with this product at all. I was really disappointed as I was looking forward to seeing the results the other reviews mention. The main problem is that the “mask” did not stay on/stick to my face. It kept peeling off and when I smoothers down one area, another one popped off. So I basically had to hold it in place with my hands for 15 mins. Who has time for this faff? Once the 15 mins was up, I literally could not see any difference. When you compare this to the 5 Minute Facial (awesome) this doesn’t even come close. I’m really happy I’m a member and didn’t pay the full price as I would be really annoyed. But this is the USP of Beauty Pie and it’s great that I can try different products without spending a fortune. I would save my money and go for a proper salon facial rather than waste time and money in this product. Sorry Beauty Pie, not a fan of this.
  • 45-54
Hi Sinead, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. From what you describe, I fear that you may have not taken both sides of film off (there is one on either side of the mask, both need to be removed before use). The biocellulose nature of the masks means that, when used correctly, the mask adheres to the face like a second skin. There should be no need to hold in place, in fact I was hoovering with mine on! We'd love for you to give another of your masks a try and let us know if you have a better experience.
Beauty Pie Team
Enjoying these masks
I managed to use the first in the pack with plastic linings still on! It had so much product on it I didn't realise. Second time I peeled it properly. Couldn't believe how much my face absorbed. And enough left in pack and on the linings to moisturise my arms, legs and chest. If you are dehydrated using these in quick succession really helps the skin.
  • 45-54
Fantastic especially if you are over 40 years young
I absolutely love this mask. It is so easy to put on (just remember to remove both outer sheets either side of the mask) These fit on your face like second skin and do not budge until you remove them. I actually quite often forget I have this mask on and then realise about an hour later, The great thing also is there is quite a lot of serum left in the packet so if one part of your face drinks the serum up then you can add some more of the serum in that place so your skin is totally and utterly hydrated. Also another thing I do is the outer sheets that you remove when you put the mask on have a lot of serum on them. So what I do (as I hate waste) is gently wipe the outer sheets over my neck, shoulders and decolletage so that my neck, shoulders and decolletage (and even my boobs Lol) get to taste the great serum and effects. If I have any serum at the very end left in the packet then I gently pour it into my hands and press it into my face, neck, decolletage etc and then massage my hands together. My skin is so soft and glowing the next morning and my make-up goes on even easier and looks great for days after. I am 49 years young and am a total mask-holic and have tried so many out there especially sheet masks and must admit these are one of the best I have ever tried and I am definitely buying these again. Now I understand why these keep selling out. It is because once you try them you will want to buy them again and again and not be without them. I have combination skin (with the dreaded oily t-zone) and these really normalise my skin and smooth my skin out. I am quite lucky as I do not have many lines/wrinkles but I work in a building that has the dreaded air-con and these masks really make my skin happy. I have found before trying these that by the end of the day at work my skin would be slightly dehydrated (but still have some oilyness coming through) and my 11 lines would have started to appear (could also probably be me scowling at my computer Lol) BUT since using these that is not the case and my make-up is still looking good and fresh by the end of the day when I take my makeup off. I can't rave about these enough. I can't vouch for the effects on younger skin but if you have ageing skin you will love these. You can also do things around the house without having to worry about the mask falling off. You will not be disappointed by these masks and for the price they are a no-brainer. Great mask Beauty Pie x
  • 45-54
Possibly the best sheet mask in the WORLD.
I’ve never been a huge sheet mask fan, I never felt they were effective. All that changed when I tried these. I’m hooked.
After applying (I exfoliate first), I leave on until the mask almost dries out and for me the results are actually VISABLE! Firmer skin that looks even better when I wake up the next morning.
The effects are so good that they would make an ideal “special occasion” prep mask - although I will be using one whenever I feel like it. YES.
  • 45-54
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